RMS’ Participant Points Program

Easy and Affordable Rewards Programs

RMS’ Participant Point Program Solution provides you with a hassle-free, cost-effective, rewards program platform. Now small to medium sized financial institutions can afford to introduce a robust points based rewards program to improve your front line employee performance, enhance account holder loyalty or motivate higher levels of performance easily through a comprehensive set of tools and application modules that:

  • Require minimal upfront costs
  • Simplifies program implementation
  • Drives participant communication
  • Offers performance and cost tracking
  • Seamless reward fulfillment
  • Program marketing support and virtually everything involved in running your program

XP3 Programs

XP3 offers you a cost effective rewards solution that doesn’t require your technical resources to implement of manage. Our program solutions are turn key and affordable programs that motivate and engage:

  • Employee rewards programs
  • Employee and account holder anniversary & appreciation programs
  • Employee service award programs
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Employee & account holder reward programs
  • Employee incentive programs
  • Employee of the month programs
  • Creative employee recognition programs
  • Employee travel incentive program
  • Employee motivation programs
  • Incentive programs to motivate employees

You name it, we’ll work with you to build an exceptional program.

Depending on your strategy, you can have your program up and running within 60-days or less. Let RMS help you create an exceptional rewards program today.

Points or Plateau Programs

  • Deploy a points or plateau program quickly without requiring valuable technical or IT resources
  • Offers a configurable user interface allows for custom website colors, formatting, graphics and basic styling
  • Quickly upload and easily manage program participants
  • Ideal for loyalty, incentive recognition, safety, and service award programs
  • Ability to select from millions of rewards for home delivery
  • Mobile ready–Rewards redeemable and content accessible through desktop, tablets, and smartphones

We offer an unmatched selection of motivational rewards — offering millions of different choices including merchandise, travel, live event tickets and “concierge” options that let your elite-level participants request something unique and special…RMS is here to help you be exceptional