Your Advocate Program

Engage Your Referral Program With YAP!

Referral Programs – Word of Mouth marketing makes a huge difference in your business.  Neilsen data shows that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and that referred business converts at 3X to 5X higher rates than other acquisition channels.

RMS offers advocacy programs to help banks and credit unions acquire new account holders.

YAP is a referral program solution that helps to drive referral marketing programs is easy to manage and, best of all, easy for your account holders to use.  RMS’ implementation team makes program implementation a breeze. It can be used to support referrals for checking accounts, auto loans, wealth management services, mortgages, etc.

Your referral program administrator has access to real-time data on key metrics such as:

  • Referrals submitted
  • Referrals converted to new accounts
  • Number of referral program participants—active and inactive
  • Top referral program participants
  • Top Ambassadors
  • And much more

Program Flexibility

YAP offers flexibility to support virtually any program structure.

YAP Online

YAP Online enables referral program participants to select and redeem the reward of choice from a fully branded, online redemption site.

  • Offer referral marketing program participants unlimited reward variety
  • Appeal to a broader number of referral program participants
  • Pay only for referral program rewards redeemed, no in-branch inventory

YAP In-Branch

YAP In-Branch works in harmony with credit unions and banks who have an in-branch gifting program, allowing them to utilize gift inventory that is on-hand through their existing program.

  • Select from thousands of referral program reward options to support your in-branch and online referral program
  • Offer referral program participants a consistent reward experience for acquisition and referral marketing programs
  • Use left over inventory from previous promotions, eliminating excess inventory

YAP Hybrid

Combining both YAP In-Branch with YAP Online supports financial institutions who have an in-branch gifting program that also want to introduce referral program reward variety into their referral program.

  • Offer referral program participants unlimited reward variety as well as a consistent gift experience for acquisition and referral programs
  • Select from thousands of referral reward options to support your in-branch and referral program
  • Use left over inventory from previous promotions, eliminating excess inventory

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Features Enjoyed Through Each Referral Program Option

Easy Implementation

Our Experience Management Team will make your implementation effortless. Your dedicated Experience Management Consultant will work with you hand in hand to implement an optimal referral program.

Beautiful Program Templates

Configurable, beautifully designed program templates increase account holder engagement. Responsive design and ensures optimal online experiences each and every time.

Metrics for Referral Program Performance Management

Referral marketing program reporting gives you up-to-the-minute performance metrics. Keep a close eye on your promotions to see which offers are boosting your referral program metrics.

Incentive Differentiation

Add a variety of in-demand incentives to create powerful referral campaigns that appeal to all target segments. RMS’ referral program YAP shows you which Advocates generated referrals. And with our incentive tracking, you can see which incentives work the best.

Dedicated Client Management

Since 1976 RMS has served financial services companies to raving reviews. Each RMS client is assigned a dedicated Experience Management Consultant during implementation and then an experienced Client Relations Manager to ensure your program’s ongoing success.

Program Marketing Support

To help you increase your referral marketing program engagement, RMS provides clients access to creative marketing materials and strategic referral marketing templates. Our referral marketing program support offers ready-to-go marketing tactics, offering valuable savings to your marketing budget.

Referral Program Administration

User Levels & Management 

YAP provides you will control over your own users. Our user friendly features enable you to assign levels to each user based on their designated authority. User set up is quick and efficient for easy administration.

Organizational Hierarchy

If you have multiple locations, whether they are branches, banking centers or stores, YAP provides for set up on a location level, region level and corporate level. This flexibility enables you to have views of your program performance so you know where your top performers are located and areas for improvement.

Promotion Management

YAP provides you with the ability to track program activity for each of your marketing promotions so you can assess what promotions are working and which ones are not working. Our easy to use promotions schedule feature saves you time organizing and reporting on your promotions performance.

Referral Program Metrics & Reporting

Easy to use, on-demand access to program performance via our program administration dashboard 360°. Graphical displays provide quick visual presentations to program performance while deeper analysis can be conducted by exporting program data anytime you need it.