RMS Inc. Announces a Whole New Way to Shop For Incentives With It’s Re-engineered RMS IncentiveMall

 GRAPEVINE TX (Sept. 17, 2012) – RMS Inc. today unveiled its new online incentive catalog website at RMSIncentiveMall.com. Completely reengineered, the new RMSIncentiveMall.com provides a whole new user experience in a convenient, digital platform.  This re-launch of RMSIncentiveMall.com marks a major step towards RMS’ mission to deliver innovative incentive marketing solutions.

“Establishing a new platform for RMSIncentiveMall.com allows RMS to reinvent our customers and visitors’ online environment and create a more user-friendly, reliable experience,” said J. Baron Unbehagen, CEO and President, RMS Inc. “With the new RMSIncentiveMall.com, we are in a better position to satisfy our customers and visitors constantly evolving preferences and needs – whenever, wherever – in the same way we earned their loyal support more than 30 years ago.”

Visitors to the new RMSIncentiveMall.com will discover a new look and feel with every click. Some of the site’s advancements include:

  • Fresh new design and layout: Bold graphics and playful photos, product highlights
  • Enhanced navigation: robust search and navigation, consistent and clear product information, improved security

The RMS IncentiveMall has fully integrated each of RMS’s six unique incentive markets to allow visitors to easily search for hundreds of thousands of merchandise and travel incentives that include items hand-selected by our expert shoppers specifically to accommodate RMS customer programs, items branded with our customer’s logos, gift cards and travel incentives.

RMS plans to integrate incremental improvements to the site on an ongoing basis. The RMS IncentiveMall can be viewed by visiting the online catalog online at www.RMSIncentiveMall.com.

To learn more about RMS Inc. visit www.goRMS.com.

About RMS Inc.

RMS provides innovative, online and in-branch incentive marketing programs and solutions designed to motivate customer actions and behaviors to more than 200 financial institutions in the US supporting customer acquisition, referral, cross-sell, and employee reward programs.

RMS’ Incentive Management Platform solutions are supported through unparalleled industry expertise, strategic program design, innovative technology, and expansive incentive options.  RMS has supported more than 1,100 financial institutions over its rich 35 year history, resulting in over 25 million consumer actions taken.

For additional information about RMS Inc., visit www.goRMS.com.